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Everything we do at Best Life is centered around you because you hold the keys to shaping your health. Together, with our guidance and your active participation, we can create a lifetime of long-term wellness. 

Step 1

Align with Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy : Your body is designed to feel amazing. When it doesn’t, it’s up to us to figure out what’s keeping you from fully thriving and either remove it or replace what’s missing. Best Life’s Methodology is a proven path to improved health with a framework that can be individualized to your needs. We’ll guide you each step of the way and provide all the tools and resources you need for lasting health.  

In our unique methodology, we start by focusing on three key areas: the adrenals, the gut, and the mitochondria.   

Unless you’ve lived a life free of all stressors with a pristine diet, optimal exercise, and adequate sleep, your adrenals likely aren’t functioning at ideal capacity. This is a big deal because cumulative stressors coming from our hectic demanding lifestyles combined with hidden stressors from the gut and toxins create a strain on the adrenals. Your body senses danger and tries hard to keep you alive. In doing so, sex hormone production is affected, and your immune system is compromised.   

Healthy adrenals are a foundational component of optimal health. Figuring out how to get them working properly will set you up for success when you begin to tackle even bigger problems.   

After fortifying the adrenals, it’s onto the gut. Believe it or not, you have trillions of bacteria living in your gut. In fact, there’s more DNA in these gut bacteria than you inherited from your parents. Which bacteria live in there is super important. We figure that out by doing a stool assessment. Then we kill the bad bacteria and optimize the good ones.  

Once the gut is in a good place, we look at how healthy the mitochondria are. These are the powerhouses inside your cells where you convert food into energy. You need energy to feel energetic, but you also need it to fuel every organ in your body–brain, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, and muscles. All these organs need lots of nutrients to process optimally. During this step, we determine which nutrients are missing and then replace them.  

In this phase, we also assess your toxic burden (it’s unavoidable in today’s modern world) and your brain health, including the status of your neurotransmitters and your brain’s inflammatory markers. We decide your next steps depending on what we find.     

There are so many things we can address, but treating these three key areas first, and one at a time, profoundly affects your overall health and wellness and sets a strong baseline for the other work we will do.  


What We Treat

We specialize in a wide range of conditions common to our clients. We study the latest research and treatment information and translate that into uncomplicated language so you understand what is happening in your body and can be an active partner in your care. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, please reach out to us directly and check back regularly as we are constantly expanding our specializations. 

Adrenal Dysfunction and Fatigue

Gut Dysfunction and Leaky Gut

Hormonal Health and Balance

Weight Management

Insulin Resistance

Brain Fog and Memory Loss

Mitochondrial Health

Autoimmune Disease

Step 2

Choose Your Path

Everyone’s body is distinct so working with us to improve your health will look slightly different for everyone. Dr. Libby Wilson, owner of Best Life Functional Medicine and functional strategy superstar designed a program option to fit everyone’s needs. We have you in mind and want to provide the best possible experience as we guide you toward optimal health.



What Is Right For You?

The Energy Accelerator

Don’t settle for fatigue. Heal your body and love your life.

All are welcome, but this 12-week program is designed for women in the middle stages of life who have been struggling with fatigue and hormonal imbalances.

More specifically, women who have spent their whole life taking care of others (and loved doing so), and are now ready to prioritize their own health.

This program will help you: 

  • Learn how burnt out your adrenals are from cumulative lifetime stressors. We don’t guess, we test!
  • Balance your hormones and fortify your foundation for healing. 
  • Get the precursors/nutrients your body needs to shift from surviving to thriving based on your indivifual results. 
  • Learn tools to optimize your lifestyle, mindset & behavior as well as learn how to maintain renewed vitality and energy.

This program includes:  

  • An adrenal stress test (not included if you’ve taken the adrenal quiz)  
  • A personalized plan explaining your test results and how to fix them 
  • Weekly educational videos about your health and how to make small lifestyle changes  
  • Weekly group calls for motivation and to get your questions answered 
  • Access to premium quality supplements at 10% off  
  • Weekly mindset videos by Dr. Libby 
  • A personal wrap-up call with Dr. Libby to discuss next steps 

    Gut Restoration

    Welcome to The Gut Restoration program for women and men who are tired of feeling bloated, constipated and inflamed all the time and desperately want relief from their gut symptoms! 

    This program will help you:

    • Find out who’s living in your gut. Which bacteria are living there is critical for health.
    • Kill the bad guys, optimize the good guys, and repair the gut lining to decrease inflammation and pain in your body.
    • Learn tools to optimize your diet to keep the good bacteria thriving and the bad from coming back. 
    • Become an overall expert in managing your gut health and have an understanding of how to be proactive when addressing them and not reactive. 

      This program includes:  

      • A comprehensive GI map stool analysis test & a personalized plan from Dr. Libby to fix it
      • 16 weekly videos from a wide range of topics to learn about gut health/make changes.
      • Weekly Q&A calls with Dr. Libby and one of her health coaches. 
      • Monday Morning Mindset Videos/Thursday Tips of the Week
      • Access to medical grade supplements at 10% off
      • Frequent communication from the Best Life team to keep you engaged and on track.
      • A personal 30 min call with Dr. Libby toward the end of the program.

      Root Cause Resolution (One-on-One Care)

      The body breaks down predictably.

      Dr. Libby created the Root Cause Resolution program to fix the body in the order it breaks down.

      In this 10-month 1-on-1 program, Dr. Libby and her team will partner with you individually and guide you on a proven path to wellness. 

      Together we’ll find out what needs to be added (like nutrients, hormone precursors, and healthy habits) and what needs to be removed (like gut bugs, toxins, and unnecessary stress) to allow your body to function like the amazing machine it was designed to be.  

      The internet is such an amazing source of information.  But how do you sort through that information and translate that into a plan for success and health? 

      Dr. Libby and the team are pros at this, guiding you every step of the way.  You can sit back and relax knowing that when you partner with Best Life Functional Medicine we’ve got it! 


        This program includes: 

        • Monthly hour-long individual sessions with Dr. Libby or one of her amazing health coaches. 
        • 3 functional lab tests to get to the root of what is holding you back from your maximum potential
        • A personalized plan explaining each test and how to fix the results
        • Unlimited direct messaging to Dr. Libby and her team
        • Weekly educational videos about your health and how to make small lifestyle changes
        • Weekly group calls for motivation and connection with others going through a similar journey
        • Access to premium quality supplements at 15% off
        • Weekly Monday Morning Mindset videos
        • A personal wrap-up call at the end with Dr. Libby to discuss next steps
        • Continued care options available

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          Fatigued to Flourishing (DIY Course) 

          This comprehensive, 8-module, do-it-yourself course will guide you on resetting your adrenals, balancing your hormones, correcting your thyroid, and so much more.

          This course will help you: 

          • Improve your energy to take better take care of yourself & your people. 
          • Increase your productivity without sacrificing health and well-being. 
          • Practice stress-management techniques to handle life’s curveballs. 
          • Transform your mind, body, and life once and for all. 

            This course includes: 

            • A holistic understanding of your adrenals and why you’re constantly feeling exhausted 
            • A breakdown of the adrenal healing process and critical areas to focus on to restore your energy 
            • Actionable steps to heal your adrenals on your own, now and in the future 
            • Free access to adrenal-nourishing diets provided by Designs for Health 
            • Special discount on high-quality supplements by Best Life

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                At Best Life Functional Medicine, we believe step 1 is strong adrenal health. Optimizing the adrenals helps improve energy, balance hormones and provides a strong foundation fordeeper work. How do yours measure up?

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                    Step 3

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