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What We Do

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Best Life Functional Medicine supports clients in achieving optimal health
and wellness by going beyond conventional medicine to identify and treat the root cause of health problems.

We often hear our patients say, “I don’t feel bad, but I don’t feel great.” We want you to feel great.

As functional medicine practice, we know that with age, the body breaks down in predictable ways. As you get older your body’s processes become less effective.

A lot of this happens slowly behind the scenes, long before conventional medical tests show anything is not functioning properly.

The Best Life Methodology dives deeper than traditional lab markers to identify problems at the root, correct them, and provide steps to keep you feeling your best today and in the long term.

Our Specialties

What We Treat

While functional medicine can be used to treat virtually any health complication, Best Life Functional Medicine specializes in the following 8 conditions we find most common among our patients:

Adrenal Dysfunction
and Fatigue

Gut Dysfunction
and Leaky Gut

Hormonal Health
and Balance



Brain Fog
and Memory Loss



The Breakdown

Our Process


Align with Our Philosophy

As a medical doctor for over 20 years, Best Life founder Dr. Libby is an expert in conventional medicine, and her belief in digging deeper to find and treat the root cause of problems inspired her to become certified as a functional medicine practitioner. She and her team of experts are here to help you heal your body, not just treat the symptoms.
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Choose Your Path

We provide a holistic approach to your health and tailor our strategies to your individual needs. Our services were created to meet you where you are and include a wide range of programs to help you reach your goals.
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Begin Living More Fully

Now is the perfect time to begin your journey. If you are clear on which path to take let’s get started! And if you need clarity on where to begin or if we are the right fit for you, we can help.
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What Others Say

Make the shift from surviving to thriving.

When you find something that works, you want to share it. Here are some success stories from our clients’ perspectives:

“After 14 years of fighting for answers I had finally given up and accepted the fact that no one in the medical field could help me. Dr. Libby partnered with me for the last two years to methodically discover I have Histamine Intolerance. We are still working to find the true root cause to completely reverse it. But I have hope now. I didn’t before Dr. Libby.”

Marcia M.

“Dr. Libby helped me to get actual answers, figuring out why my body was attacking itself; we were able to build my immune system back up. Since working with Dr. Libby, I have not had an RA flare-up or illness and my sleep and mood have been more consistent.”

Emily R.

“Since working with Dr. Libby, my overall physical and mental well-being are both at a great place. I’m 62 and completed a 2,000-burpee challenge in January, and I have more energy than I did 20 years ago. It’s never too late to add Functional Medicine into your health and fitness playbook.”

Michael B.

“This has been the best investment I have made in myself. I have loved learning what is going on in my body specifically so I can use this information to make better decisions for my health. It has made me feel empowered so I could make changes for the long term and not just the short term.”

carisa p.

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of clients experience improvement
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of tests done show less than optimal results before we begin our work.


of clients found new solutions
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Our Passion

Healthier living.
Better you.

The Best Life team loves to share our expertise and help people create optimal health and lives they love.

Our knowledge base offers a wide range of informational resources that will keep you in the know about the latest in functional medicine and provide tips for the best ways to take care of yourself.