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August 2023 Learn with Dr. Libby Workshop

Jul 14, 2023 | Blog, Bulletin, Gut Health, Workshops


Socrates once said all disease starts in the gut. 


The integrity and health of the gut is super important.

It’s not like in Vegas. What happens in the gut, doesn’t stay in the gut.

My name is Dr. Libby Wilson and I have tested 100s and 100s of patients and I haven’t found a perfect gut test yet!  There is always something to be optimized.  

Gut health is relevant to everyone and plays a crucial role in overall mental and physical well-being, even if you aren’t having gut symptoms.  

Fixing your gut can have a profound impact on your life and how you feel in several ways.


Yep, profound. Keep reading! 


Healing the gut can dramatically change your life. Here’s how: 


  • You have more energy.
  • Weight loss becomes easier. 
  • Skin improves. 
  • You feel less inflamed. 
  • Say goodbye to frequent colds & infections! 
  • You generally feel happier. 
  • Digestion goes according to plan.
  • Bowels feel normal and complete.
  • The list goes on!

I want to give you my secrets into healing the gut the right way for long-term health and longevity so you can achieve the above and much more.  


Learn about the importance of gut health in my free workshop. 


When: Wednesday August 16th @ 7-8pm EST

Where: Zoom Meetings – Click Here to Register Now


Certain individuals should pay attention to their gut. Most often I see gut problems in these groups: 


    • You a have chronic health condition.
    • You’ve been on antibiotics frequently now or in the past.
    • You feel like your immune system isn’t as strong as it should be.
    • You frequently feel depressed, anxious or fatigued.
    • You do your best with diet but fall short sometimes (I am not perfect with diet and no one is!)
    • Certain “healthy” foods don’t sit well with you anymore.
    • You suspect you may have a food sensitivity.
    • You seek overall wellness optimization. You want to go from Gut Health 1.0 to Gut Restoration 2.0. Like an iPhone upgrade!

If you checked off on 1 or more of the above, this workshop is definitely for you.


Gut health isn’t just about taking a probiotic each day, sipping bone broth or getting a routine colonoscopy.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all great things to do!  But there’s more to gut healing than meets the eye.  

There are even more effective approaches out there to gut healing and I invite you to attend this 1 hour to hear more about them. 


Click Here to Register Now


Once you experience true gut healing, you won’t want to go back to how you once felt. 


Food plays a very important role.  

BUT, it’s not just about the food we eat.  It’s about how well we digest and absorb the nutrients in that food.

Choosing the right food is hard enough, but that is just step one.

If you eat the perfect diet but don’t digest the food properly and absorb the nutrients your health suffers!


Where do you fall into the picture of gut health? 


  • You either pay attention to your gut health and do your best BUT you fall short in some areas and could use some fine-tuning. Nobody’s perfect! 


  • Or, you don’t pay much attention to your gut but you know something’s off and you desperately want answers to the symptoms you’ve been having for months, if not years. Conventional medicine hasn’t been able to address them but YOU want to address them, hence why you’re here!


  • Or, you’re somewhere in the middle.



Wherever you stand, I am here to be your guide.


When I became a functional medicine doctor, I realized I no longer wanted to operate from a “savior” model, rescuing patients and simply patching up symptoms. 

I wanted something more for me and my clients.

I wanted my clients to walk away feeling knowledgeable, inspired and empowered to take charge of their health and their healing journey. 

My treatment approach is also much different now than it was as a conventional doctor.

I now know the body breaks down predictably at the root level from living in this modern world and I’ve created a roadmap to guide patients on a journey to heal their body. 


Why listen to me… 


  • Prior to becoming a functional medicine practitioner, I was a family doctor. I have the best of both worlds when it comes to my expertise.
  • I’ve trained with some of the best out there including Dr. Daniel Kalish. 
  • I am always putting into practice what I learn, with myself, my family and my clients, to find the best results.
  • I am a life-long learner. I am a guide and teacher to those I can support along my journey.  
  • I put health into perspective using easy-to-understand language. No doctor speak. 
  • As a conventionally and functionally trained doctor like me by your side who understands the complexity of the gut and how to heal it, you no longer have to settle for less after leaving a doctor’s visit and you can feel empowered instead. 
  • I deeply care about helping individuals like you transform their health and live a life they truly love. 



If certain gut symptoms are plaguing you and disrupting your everyday life, register for this workshop to put an end to the microbiome madness. Your body is designed to feel amazing. If it doesn’t, there’s a reason. 



In this free 1 hour, you’ll: 


  • Uncover the gut-health connection and learn how the gut influences overall well-being, digestion, nutrient absorption and more. 
  • Learn about the secrets to gut health and how to reclaim your vitality.
  • Gain valuable insights from a functionally and conventionally trained medical doctor.
  • Gain tips and strategies on how to support gut health now and into the future. 


Here are the event details: 


  • When: Wednesday, August 16th from 7-8pm EST

  • Where: Zoom Meetings – Click Here to Register Now

  • Playback recording will be sent out to anyone that can’t make it so register anyway. 

  • This will be a live and interactive session. You’ll get to ask questions too. 

Those who know me know I choose to live a life of intention and I don’t give up easily! 

Will you do the same for you, your gut health and your life? 

See you on the inside, my friend! 

Dr. Libby Wilson 

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