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There is no such thing as Adrenal Fatigue. Or is there?

There isn’t an infection in your gut. Or is there? 

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Live to be 100 

What can you do now to ensure your health in the future? Are you thinking about this and how you’ll live out the rest of your life? Would you like to live to be at least 100 if you had good health?

What if we told you there are answers? The truth is, knowing when our time is up is beyond our control, but taking charge of our health can allow us to not only feel great now but also increase the likelihood of a brighter future. 

 What you’ll get from this workshop:  

  • A better understanding of functional medicine and the Best Life Methodology 
  • Clarity on how to get help with common health problems and how to fix them 
  • Insight, lifestyle strategies, and resources on functional medicine 


The Secret to Conquering Fatigue, Balancing Your Hormones, and Feeling
Great Again

Let’s face it, we are all under chronic stress. Your stress may be sourced from a different place than your coworkers or your spouse, but we’re all overwhelmed. It may be the stress of daily living and a never-ending to-do list, emotional stress, stress from hidden infections in the gut, or stress from the toxins in our bodies. No matter where it’s coming from, many of us are at our breaking point. 

This workshop will give you a better understanding of: 

  • What adrenal glands are and what they do 
  • How adrenal glands impact your hormones  
  • Adrenal dysfunction and recognizing if you are experiencing it 
  • What to do to start to get your life back on track 


Heal Your Gut for a Happier & Healthier Life

Like a mirror, what is happening in the gut directly reflects whatever is happening outside the gut as well. Dr. Libby Wilson is an expert on why we should care about the gut, how to properly test the gut, and how a Functional Medicine approach may be just what your body needs to get back on track. 

 Get a better understanding of:  

  • Who is suspectible to gut damage? 
  • What does that gut damage look like and feel like?
  • Gut bacteria—the good vs the bad.
  • How to decrease the number of bad guys and increase the number of good. 
  • How to restore the gut lining and integrity for optimal health.
  • How fixing your gut health can impact your overall well-being and truly lead to a life of happiness.  


How to DIY Your Best Life

Have you noticed that you are more tired than you used to be, but when you go to the doctor, they tell you everything is fine? Supplements are a great first step in moving beyond the line of surviving to thriving, and something you can do on your own with a little bit of knowledge. In this workshop, Dr. Libby will guide you through what you need to know about supplements and how to find the right ones.

 In this workshop, you’ll learn:  

  • How to tell if a supplement is high-quality
  • Which five supplements you should be taking every day
  • All about our Best Life Bundle and how it can help you feel better faster (and maybe even get a discount or two!)


Online Weight Loss Program 

Let’s face it, weight loss is hard! After hearing from hundreds of men and women about the need to lose stubborn weight, we created our own weight loss program tailored to helping you achieve sustainable results. And the best part? It’s 100% free. 


The Path of Intention:
5 Habits to Optimize Your Health and Create a Life You Love

Dr. Libby’s book will help you discover optimal health and teach you how to create the life of your dreams.

Order your copy today.

Added bonus: As a complement to the book, we created The Path Playbook to help you identify the next steps in each of the five modifiable lifestyle areas to help move you closer to the life you want. 


The Best Life Challenge

Join a group of like-minded people who want to level-up their health.

Our free  Best Life Challenge Facebook Group is a small, exclusive community made up of individuals who care deeply about being healthy and creating small meaningful changes in their daily lives to improve their overall health.

Each month we offer a new challenge to participate in.  Sign up to find out what this month’s health challenge is! 

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