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Dr. Libby and Her Journey with Functional Medicine

Jun 15, 2023 | Blog, Functional Medicine

I was a family doctor for 15 years.  I had never heard of functional medicine until I started trying to find a solution for the gastrointestinal complaints my young daughter was having.  I tried everything I knew to help her, took her to another primary care doctor for an unbiased opinion, and took her to a pediatric gastroenterologist.  None of these steps led to a concrete diagnosis or solution.  So, I took a functional medicine course and learned how to identify the root cause.   

Within a matter of weeks, I had found the root cause of her problems and several weeks later it was fixed.  My mind was blown! I began to wonder what else I’d been missing by strictly adhering to the conventional care model I had been trained in.   

I saw patients every day who felt like something just wasn’t right. Their energy was lower than they’d like, and they felt irritable and moody like their hormones were off and their weight was getting harder and harder to maintain. I believed them when they expressed these concerns to me and wanted to help them, but their conventional labs always came back normal.   

I was able to sympathize with these patients because I was personally struggling with the same symptoms. I wondered if there were root cause answers to these issues, just as there had been with my daughter.  

Guess what? There were.  And it existed in the world of Functional Medicine. 

I identified issues with my adrenal glands, my gut, and my mitochondria. I fixed these issues one by one, and I changed my life. I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned with others to help them get beyond the line of fine and shift from an okay life to an amazing life.  

There are answers. The body is designed to feel amazing. When it doesn’t there’s a reason. Finding and fixing the root cause in Functional Medicine has been life-changing for me and for the patients I serve.   

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