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Patient Success Story: Lynn

Jun 25, 2022 | Blog, Functional Medicine


Do you ever just feel inflamed and swollen? Do you wonder why?


Conventional medicine is very good at diagnosing what is wrong. But more often than not the question of WHY is never being addressed with the conventional approach. Some of the typical responses you may get from your doctor include: “This just happens as we get older.” Or, “This is common and nothing to worry about.” I know firsthand because I gave those responses when I was a family doctor too.

The symptoms of inflammation and swelling are very common. However, even though they are common, they are not normal. Everything our body does, it does for a reason! So why would our body hold onto fluids and be chronically inflamed?

The answer can frequently be found by looking at the gut. Yes, the gut! Inflammation often comes from the foods we eat and the bacteria that live in our gut. There is actually more DNA in the bacteria that live inside us than the DNA we received from our parents at birth.

Which bacteria reside in our gut is really important. There can be good bacteria living in our gut that exert positive influences like aiding digestion, making vitamins, and boosting our immune system. However, bad gut bacteria can have detrimental effects like chronic inflammation, and digestive issues, and even be the root cause of autoimmune problems. Getting the gut bacteria right is one of the keys to feeling great and optimizing your health.


Meet my patient, Lynn.


Lynn is 63 years old. When I first met her over a year ago she reported a 20-year history of pain and inflammation. She had gone the traditional medicine route and had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and polyarthritis. However, the meds for those conditions barely helped her at all.

In addition to chronic pain, Lynn also suffered from fatigue. She had all the symptoms of low thyroid but had been told her thyroid was “normal”. She reported a high level of stress, thinning hair, brain fog, balance issues, and decreased libido.


So what happened? Lynn and I partnered together. Since that time, we have taken a step-wise approach to her care by finding the root cause of her gut problems and achieving some tremendous results along the way.


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