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Simple but Not Easy

Jul 17, 2022 | Blog, Mindset


Life is so busy. And without a lot of intention and considerable planning it is easy to let personal priorities slide. Often, we are so busy caring for everyone else that there is just no time to take care of ourselves. It feels kind of selfish, prioritizing our own needs.


The world needs things from us, and we want to comply, fit in with the tribe, and do the acceptable things. By the time that is all done, we are too exhausted to do much for ourselves. We feel a tug, that we should be doing something proactive for ourselves, for our health, but we tell ourselves that someday we’ll have time, which gives us some relief in the moment.

But here’s the thing: when the kids are babies, we don’t sleep, and we think it will be easier when they are toddlers. When they are toddlers, we are just surviving. My gosh, they never stop and the messes they make! And their energy—it’s endless! It will DEFINITELY be easier when they start school. Then we’re a slave to the school schedule and it’s just plain busy—taxiing them everywhere—from school to soccer, to birthday parties and so much more. But good news, they’ll be driving soon, then it will be easier. But then, when they are driving, we can’t really sleep when they’re out because we worry. So when exactly does it get easier?

The truth is, it doesn’t get easier for a LONG time. And by the time it does, without prioritizing time for yourself and your marriage, it may be too late. But it doesn’t have to be. With intention and planning, you can get off the default path of life and create an intentional life, living out your dreams. Those who have it didn’t stumble upon it by accident. They regularly made small, consistent deposits in their “wellness” accounts and are reaping the benefits now. It’s easy not to take this path. Most don’t. Most won’t.

It’s really pretty simple, but don’t confuse simple with easy. It’s not the same. Not the same at all. It’s especially hard because we don’t see the benefits of our sacrifice for many years. We love instant results in today’s society, right? Next-day shipping, information from the internet in seconds, DoorDash (when did we get too lazy to drive to get our fast food?), and movies on demand. Of course, we expect instant results when we start an exercise program or a diet—that’s the way we’ve been conditioned. When we don’t see the results quickly, we give up and think, “THIS isn’t working. Maybe a different plan will work better.” This is shiny object syndrome. The newest shiniest object (or exercise plan or fad diet) must surely be the better and the easier answer we are hoping for.

The truth is, even though you may not see it immediately—IT IS WORKING, you just need to give it more of the secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is good old-fashioned time.

So if you want to create a life of health so that you can thrive, not just survive, as the kids get older and move away, there are some simple (but not easy) things you can start to focus on today to get you there. Because the truth is, by the time life does get easier, without intention and planning, soccer games and birthday parties get replaced with doctors’ appointments and tending to the wounds of poor health. The best years have passed you by.

True health is much more than acceptable blood pressure, OK cholesterol, and being up to date with your mammogram and colonoscopy. True health is having those test results at normal measures AND not just feeling OK but feeling great. When you are on a proactive path to optimal health, you have the confidence to know you have done your part to prevent chronic disease, and you are fulfilled because intuitively you know you’re on your authentic path in life.

We are all on a journey. Are you, like many, on the autopilot default path? Or do you want to choose the path of intention to get you to an optimal chosen purposeful destination? Start today.

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